T-mobile LG V30 Software Update H93220k -August 2018 security patches included

The LG V30 (Model: LG-H932) from T-mobile is receiving a new software Update which brings the August 2018 security patches.

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The Update is software version H93220k. The Update is now available through FOTA. You can manually check for this update by going into Settings > About phone > Update Center > System updates > Check for update. if you fail to upgrade your phone via FOTA, You can also download and install LG bridge and use LG bridge to upgrade your LG V30.

LG official also released the stock kdz firmware build h932020k for the LG V30, NOW you can get it from below links.




Software Version:H93220K_00

OS Version:O

File Name:H93220k_00_0802.kdz

KDZ File size:3045157526


You can also unbrick/restore your phone back to stock by flashing the H93220k_00_0802.kdz with LG UP. Please notes that you will not be able to downgrade the os version of your phone because of the anti-rollback (Qfuse).